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A high-end lingerie shop in Hong Kong is promising clients a whole new shopping experience thanks to its 3D-assisted made-to-measure service.

A 3D scanning mirror at Rigby and Peller’s takes accurate measurements of a client’s bust in less than a minute, supplementing the tape measurements taken by the lingerie stylist, who can then recommend the most suitable styles and colours for each figure and shape.

The aim is to combine modern technology with a stylist’s expert knowledge to reduce the time it takes to chose an item.

“The technology itself is actually looking at so many points, 140 points of our body, and this information tells you precisely what your size is so that allows you to actually better understand: Okay, with this information, which we called the size ID, shape ID, you will be able to determine what your size is and you will also be able to know what size you are with what brand,” says Lui Tong, General Manager of Private Shop Limited.

But there are privacy implications to collecting such personal data.

The shop says all the digital images taken of customers are deleted after the scan.

Measurements will only be kept in the company’s database for future purchases if the customer gives her consent.

“I do think that it’ll become more common because I think as customers are exposed to such service they know that the level of service can be very high, i.e. they can actually pinpoint things so they do not have to spend too much time perusing and trying all the different products, so I think they will start demanding the same level of service,” says Jeanne Tan, professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

After trying the new 3D scanner, customers are under no obligation to buy, although reportedly 90 per cent of them do.

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